Thursday, February 1, 2007

Made a few unhealthy choices today as well as last night.

We ate at McDonald's and I decided to give their new Burger McRice a try. End result? I didn't like it. Eating the stuff felt like eating glue on a rather tasteless beef patty with all these vegetables of unappetizing coloration. The weird thing was, I still finished the damn thing... and feeling a bit unsatisfied, ordered myself an extra Cheeseburger meal, to get the rice taste off my mouth. Double Sin.

Again, just this morning I had a cup of rice, a sunny-side egg, and a jumbo hotdog. Lunch was a plate of rice, togue vegetable (I'm not sure how you spell the thing), and Adobong Baboy. Although I did try atleast to keep my rice intake to a minimal.

My abdominals feel like hell, and this sort of makes me walk funny. Did a couple of inclined crunches at the gym the other day. I realize that I need to start working out in the house more often. Just, you know, basic crunches and push-ups like I used to when I was bored on when th TV was on commercial. Lately, I haven't been able to do that (or as I see it, giving myself the excuse not to be able to do that) because my new room is living on a tightspace budget, and you never know when a cockroach might sneak out from under the bed.

What about the Skyflakes diet? Don't worry. I haven't given up just yet. I've only decided to interchange between non-skyflakes days and skyflakes days. Today Thursday just happens to be a non-skyflakes day. :D I wonder what tomorrow will bring. Me and some friends might decide to drink some alcohol. Alcohol on an empty skyflake-infested stomach? Sounds grueling.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My first entry and disclaimer:

I've often heard of people starving themselves to death for diet. This is like that, only a little less masochistic. I introduce to everyone the Skyflakes Experiment. Why the skyflakes experiment? Well, there have been many countless miracle diet stories where people have starved themselves on a diet of Skyflakes (tasteless crackers). When this might be what motivated the start of this journal, there will be a minimal monopoly of skyflakes-talk, but more on daily food consumption and its effects on a typical twenty year-old boy, call me a manorexic. This blog will journal my daily food rendezvous and encounters, as well as the psychological effects of food and exercise on my body, mind, and possibly spirit.

It all started yesterday when after gym I got hold of a Skyflakes lata. Feeling curious enough to try the notorious skyflake-diet, I bought myself one and brought it home. Having been both born and raised in the Philippines, I was naturally a heavy rice eater. Rice is known for its high carbohydrate intake, which meant I had to burn more for me to be able eat more. I had recently enrolled myself in a nearby gym just a month before, but unlike most men, I'm not as excited as I am building muscles because for the most part, all I wanted for my body to do was to be as light as it can possibly be. I still want to be able to scratch my back after all, scratching one's own back is just one of those free luxuries people were supposed to have and enjoy. So, I toyed around with the idea of having Skyflakes be a substitution for my rice. Skyflakes, though still carrying some nutrients (unlike fibre), contained zero mg of Cholesterol.

Here are its Nutrition Facts from the back:
Calories 120
Total Fat 5g
Saturated Fat 4g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 170g
Total Carbohydrate 16g
Dietary Fiber 2g
Protein 2g

Though, I don't neccesarily know what these figures mean, sero mg of fat sounded good to me.

I currently weigh at most 190 lbs. That's pretty abnormal for a 5'7" guy like I am. From what I remember from the weight board from gym, the ideal weight for a guy as tall me should be somewhere around 150 to 160lbs. Seeing as how it might be virtually impossible to gain height anymore, the easier (but still harder) option would be to lose weight. SO, I guess here are my adventures.

A little background: I don't enjoy chocolates and i'm one of those people who'de much rather have a full meal than a chocolate bar. I drink beer and liquor. I smoke when i'm bored. I've hated exercise eversince, but obviously i'm trying to change all that. I lost around 30lbs of weight once not a few years ago when our family practically had nothing much to eat, but obviously thats changed a bit. I used to like and play soccer when I was in 6th grade. I loooovee streetfoods and making tusok-tusok the fishball.

Sounds like a lot of work so far.